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Shoulda posted faster...it would have been the first post..anyways


My name is Liz and I own a 6 month old Chihuahua named Ace. He is about 5lbs, and a typical chi in that he has boundless energy and is overly protective of me around new people.
Pictures behind cut

That is when he was a puppy

Also, he has a website www.geocities.com/wizba@prodigy.net/acemachine.html
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his faces are fing hysterical
Your dog has a website? That's just weird... seriously... haha.

And what's with the "That's when he was a puppy" caption? You know he's still a puppy, right?

:P I'm just being retarded. Ignore me.. haha. He's cute. For a chihuahua. He better not pee on me!!
WEll a puppy puppy...as in little, he is practically full grown, size wise, so that is like at 8 weeks.

Yes, I know it is weird...but it is just pictures...it isn't like he has his own email or anything...yet.