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hey hey my name is heather and i half own a dog. long story short, my brother is in the military and when he goes away for several months to years at a time we take his dog.

info about the dog
name: Big Boy
age: approximately 3 years
breed: golden lab, golden retriever mix
colour: if you ask im gonna shoot you upside the head..jk hes gold!!!
couple of funny stories about him: 1)being that he is mostly in north carolina and with a cement floor on the back porch, when it freezes it gets icy and slippery and one day we opened the back door to the porch and the dog when slidding all the way to the screen door.
2)my cat is afraid of big dogs and of course the first time they met was hillarious. big boy would lick my cat to death, and of course my cat would swat at my dog with his paws. well one time riddick got to him and held his nose for like 30 seconds but by the end of the visit riddick was giving big boy baths and swatting at his tail.

here a couple of pictures of him under my bed.
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My lovely puppy!

He's a bit bigger since that picture (10 pounds or so). More pictures can be found here (warning LARGE). He's a... we don't know. Rescue group said Basenji/Shepard mix, we've also guessed part australian cattle dog. He likes belly rubs and keeping our kitten in line.

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So my name is Raina and I have a 7 month old chihuahua named Aidan. He is a white and tan, 5.9 lbs, puppy with lots of energy and lots of love. However, he makes a wonderful guard dog when necessary :) I am completely crazy for him. I also have our family dog Sexy Tyler who is a black lab/beagle mix we picked up from the pound at the beginning of 7th grade

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So I guess I'll start... heh.

I thought about making a community like this a while ago.. I just never got off my butt to do it. But now that it's here, I'm going to join, because I don't care who started it *wink*.

My name is Kes. I'm an English Lit major.

This is Ren. He's a border collie mix (I think). He lives with me at U-House. That's Ren as in "Ren, Son of Primus," who seeks to find the 13 Treasures of Rul. See the tv show Pirates of Dark Water for more info. It is NOT Ren and is Ren and Stimpy.

This is PeePee. He lives with my sister because.. well... his name is PeePee for a reason, and dogs named PeePee shoudln't live in rented apartments.. haha. PeePee is a Chihuahua/jack Russell Terrier.

This is Eggo. He lives with my mom because she wouldn't let me have him. Eggo is very attached to my mom's dog Puppy. We tried to split them up, and it wasn't pretty. Eggo is a bassett hound/GSD.

And this is Miss Thang, A.K.A. Roxy. I call her Roxinator. She's for adoption, but she's technically mine. Sometimes she's here in Orlando with me, but not usually. if U-House would let me have another pet, she would live with me. But U-House is a poop, so she lives with my sister also. But I still pay her vet bills! She is our one and only pure-bred... a Shiba Inu (we couldn't rescue a lab mix, could we?).

That's it for my brood (at least the ones I pay for). But my sister has another dog (Annie) and a dog she's fostering (Greybeard), and my mother has another dog, too. Should Roxy get adopted any time soon, and should things go like I plan them to, I will have another dog to update about named Maximus (I will probably change it to Primus).

First Post

Alright, so I'm very very excited about getting this club started and figured a lot of people have lj's so it would be a good way to plan meetings and events.

Some ideas I have are for us to go to the dog park on East Colonial together. It's a chance for people to meet other animal enthusiasts and possibly make some four-legged and human friends along the way :)

I'm interested to hear any and all input that members would have for this club and what you'd like to see done or what you'd like to do.

So, go ahead and make a post. Introduce yourself and your dog. Everyone is welcome here so invite friends!

Thanks for joining and I look forward to meeting everyone :)

♥ Raina (and Aidan)
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