UCF Dog Owners

and their best furry friends

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This is the lj community for the UCF dog owners club. We can also be found on facebook (again UCF dog owners club) and hopefully soon at the school itself. My name's Raina, I started this community along with my chihuahua Aidan. You've probably seen us around campus or by the pond. I think it'd be really fun for other dog owners to be able to get together at the dog park on Colonial or make new friends. So welcome to the community. If you have questions my aim is his 3 am romance or email whatshesaidwas@hotmail.com. I look forward to getting this club up and running!

Now this is an open membership and members will not be discriminated against regardless of situations or personal feelings of anyone involved in the club.

There aren't any real set rules but we will not accept people who abuse their animals in any way. Also, negative posting in this community or others will also not be accepted and members will be banned without question.

Other then that everyone have fun!!